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This is a letter of appreciation for Mr. Hoyt's subscription to the $100,000 Georgia Drive for Berry and pledge of $100.

Martha is asking if he will still be donating and thanking him for his donations.

Martha Berry reminds Mr Kelley of his $6.25 installment payment on his pledged subscription to the $100,000 Georgia drive for Berry.

Hamilton writes to Martha with the final payment of the 200 dollar pledge that was made for the Georgia Drive for Berry.

Letter to S. L. Graham from Martha Berry thanking him for his subscription to $100,000Georgia Drive for Berry. She informs him that he pledged $100 to be paid in semi-annual installments, which was due at the first of January of that year. She informs him that they are nearing the schools' twenty-fifth anniversary and hopes that he will be able to provide this amount to the schools. Miss Berry also informs him that in her twenty-five years of service to the schools that nothing has meant more to her than to have these subscriptions from Georgians showing their interest in the schools.

In this letter Martha Berry thanks Mr. Tompkins for his donation towards the one hundred thousand dollard Georgia drive for Berry.

Mr. Hoge writes to the Grahams to remind them of their pledge to the Berry Schools, the first installment of which is due in July. He thanks them again in helping with the great mission of the Berry Schools.

Martha writes to Mr. Lamar to thank him for his pledge towards the $100,000 Georgia Drive for Berry.

The letter informs Miss Sally Brown that her first installment payment for her $100 donation is due on the first of July. A $25 payment is recorded on June 29, 1926.

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