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Letter to Martha Berry expressing condolences for the lack of money she is able to donate to the school but sends her small check.

Letter to Martha Berry to Mr. M. A. Harrington of the W. E. Browne Decorating Co. about getting material to recover her sofa in her home.

Martha Berry requests a donation of $150 for the Berry Schools.

Bonner suggests that Berry meet with two prospective donors on her trip to New York and discusses other office business. She provides travel details for Berry's visit to the Horace Mann School and mentions that Grady Hamrick left that day for Tuskegee.

This letter is to The Berry Schools to enclose a gift of five dollars to contribute towards the institution.

A letter to Miss Achelis from the Berry Schools with a package containing the Sunshine articles.

A letter from Martha Berry to Mrs. Albert Johnson after being told about her by their mutual friend Mrs. Yardley. Martha Berry mentions her niece, Mrs. Frances Wright Price, who lives in Miami. Miss Berry thinks Mrs. Price would be interested in meeting Mrs. Johnson. Martha Berry also encloses literature about the Berry Schools and mentions that they've had several students from Florida.

Letter explains that Martha Berry is away on school business, and discusses her role as founder and administrator in response to Miss Coleman's question about what inspired Berry to teach.


Mr. Blackwell had written to Mr Ford about the progress being made at Berry. Mr Campsall expresses Mr Ford's appreciation about the letter and his pleasure about the progress.



Martha Berry writes about her upcoming trip to see Mrs. Ford at their place in Savannah, Georgia. Berry also writes about a cold that has kept her in her room.

A praiseful letter to Martha Berry with an enclosed $5 for the Martha Berry School.

A letter from J. M. High Company to E. H. Hoge explaining that the package received from them was a donation to the Berry Schools.

A letter from Martha Berry to P.V. Harvey apologizing for the number of towels sent to her. She explains that she did not have enough linen thread at the time to make the other dozen but the rest will be arriving soon.


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Letter from Mrs. Tom C. Harrill to Martha Berry in response to a request for a donation. Mrs. Harrill unfortunately could not send anything at the time, but promised to bring Miss Berry's request to the next M.D.C chapter meeting.

Meacham is donating used clothing to the Berry School for the boys to wear. His son, Robert, served in the War but died from appendicitis after he returned home--the clothing was his. Meacham's wife remembered a previously sent request for clothing, so they are sending Robert's clothing.


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