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The cashier for the First National Bank encloses $125 donation of the Bank's final subscription payment for the Berry School Endowment Fund.

W. White and A. White send a check of $2500 by direction of Miss Elisabeth Frothingham, as part of her pledge for the Eagan Fund.

Fenn donates $25 to assist with celebration of Founder's Day.

Mr. Grant sends his last installment pledge of $1,000 to the Berry Schools

This is a letter to Martha about a check of 150 dollar donation to the school.

Mr. Campbell writes for Mrs. Pope Yeatmen and encloses her check of $50 as a donation.

Mr. Williams donates $50 to the Berry Schools.

Enclosed check for $100 in help of rebuilding new dormitory

Enclosed check for $15 to rebuild new dormitory

Enclosed two checks one for $50.00 annual donatation and one for $500.00 in help of rebuilding burnt dormitory.

In this short letter, Mr. Taft of The Taft School in Watertown, Conneticut, has just sent a $25.00 donation to Miss Berry.

Miss Berry thanks Mrs. Stevens for her donation of $10 to help Oma, a student at the schools.

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