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Frank Campsall, assistant secretary to Henry Ford, writes to inform Martha Berry that her letter to Mr. Ebling has been referred to him and that he will send a number of still pictures and two reels of film from the SIlver Anniversary of Berry. He also suggests that she make notes of titling for the scenes in the film and return it so that they might make any changes before returning it to her.

A list of where each New York Pilgrim will be staying and in what room and cottage.

A list of the members that made a Pilgrimage to the Berry Schools in 1927. Some names have notes next to them.

Mary M. Halsted sends a donation of $25 along with her sincere hopes for the Berry Schools in their Silver Anniversary Year.

A letter from Martha Berry, asking a friend for a donation of one hundred and fifty dollars.

Martha writes to Mr. Guthman to thank him for his letter and donation that he wished to have in memory of his wife's sisters, for the Silver Anniversary Roll.

Mr. Noble writes that he has just received the very pretty "Twenty-fifth Anniversary Calendar" from The Berry Schools. He feels he must visit the places illustrated.

Note at bottom specifies the reciepient of this letter, but Dear Friend in the addressee location indicates this could have been used as a form letter.
Letter discusses the 25th anniversary celebration and the need for gifts to keep students in school

In this letter Martha Berry asked Mrs. Ostrander for a donation to help keep the boys and girls in school.

Martha Berry apologizes for not answering Isabel's letter and asks her what she's doing in Atlanta. She also asks Isabel to come visit Berry in time for the Silver Anniversary.

Ochs encloses contributions to the Martha Berry Schools Silver Anniversary Endowment Fund, asking that Berry send acknowledgements to the donors. He also encloses his own check, in partial payment of his $25,000 subscription. Ochs reports on other commitments and solicitations, commenting that it is a source of embarrassment to him that some donors are giving as a personal favor to him. There is also some embarrassment caused by Berry's decision not to solicit those who have previously been benefactors.

Shelley Jackson proposes a plan to raise money for Berry's Endowment Fund. She thinks it is fitting to ask private school students who have had "their education handed to them on a silver platter" the opportunity to give to less fortunate students. She says that Berry could contact private school principals, starting in New York, and ask them to start Silver Rolls and have money in time for Berry's Silver Anniversary. Mrs. Jackson asks Miss Berry to write back frankly and give her opinion of the plan.

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