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Mrs. Bodge writes to the secretary of the Berry school asking for information about the school so that she could use it in an afternoon program about the schools that the DAR supports.


Letter from Martha Berry to Mrs. A. K. Cutler sending literature and in appreciation of her continued support.

Martha Berry sends some literature of The Berry Schools to Mrs. Coomes and tells her that they can use clothing for the 900 students at the schools.

Mrs. Campbell asks for literature about the Berry Schools to be sent to the Lake Placid Club in New York.


Miss Berry sends some literature to Mrs. Boothley so she knows about the need the Berry Schools have.


The school writes that Martha is away form the office at this time but they are sending literature about the school per Mr. Blakely's request

Blakely writes to Martha Berry to know what she thought of her long trial and her input as he wishes to improve Bryson.

Martha writes to Miss Bonner asking her to send litarature to Mrs. Myers, and instructs her that if any writers come for pictures and information to have Mr. Keown help select materials.

Martha writes to James Arrott to thank him for his donation for a scholarship at Berry School, and some literature about the school.

This letter is from Miss Agnes Alexander to Miss Berry. In it, she explains how she has twenty five school books with many different subjects. She tells Miss Berry that she will be happy to send them to her if she thinks they could be used.

Martha writes to Mr. Griffing with information about the schools and a bit of history knowing that he is interested in helping the boys and girls.

Martha writes to Mrs. Carpenter with literature about The Berry Schools and some brief history about the schools.

Martha writes to inform Mrs. MacDougall that she is sending some literature about the Berry Schools.


A thank you letter from The Berry Schools to James X. MacCloskey, Jr. for his letter regarding an endowed day in memory of trustee Hamilton Stewart. The Schools send literature under separate cover and gives a brief history of the Schools.

Mrs. Stricklaud thanks Miss Berry for sending literature and helpers over to her Club Program. Mrs. Stricklaud also sends Miss Berry a coat suit as a "thank you" gift, telling her to use it as she sees fit. The letter closes with Mrs. Stricklaud wishing that there were more people in this world like Miss Berry so humanity would "need not suffer so."

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