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This letter is from George Tyson to Martha Berry regarding a check. The letter discusses a potential student named Eugene, likely Eugene Gunby.

Theodore Palmer is inquiring about reminders of payment for a $85 scholarship he and his siblings established in memory of their father. There are also calculations at the bottom of the letter that may be in regards to payment.

Emma Reynolds (E.R.) thanks Martha Berry (M.B.) for preserves that M.B. gave her as a gift from the female students being trained in making preserves at Berry College. E.R. then tells M.B. that she is sorry about the drought and its impact at Berry College. Lastly, E.R. wishes M.B. a happy New Year (1926).

A letter from Henry I Hoane about the new girls dormitory.

In answer to Miss Berry's recent letter, Mr. Pounsford sends a check for $150 to help accomplish good results.



This is a letter giving thanks to Mr. Slack, who made a gift to the Foundation School. The gift will help create a much-needed dormitory at the school.

Martha Berry receives some unfortunate news from Thomas Keith of Barbour, Keith, McCandlish & Garnett Law Firm. He informs Miss Berry that his firm cannot be of an financial help to her after the loss of the main dormitory at Berry.

A letter from Elizabeth Ely, secretary to Mrs. Stanley G. Flagg, stating Mrs. Flagg's regret to hear of the fire and that a cheque is enclosed for the re-building fund.

In this letter, Anna B. Baruss ask Miss Berry if she will let her know how the $1000 donated is being used and how the students the money helps perform in school.

Letter from Anna May Bowman to Martha Berry describing an address change for the Waukegan Illinois Chapter.

Letter to Martha Berry from Mrs. Clairice A. Guilford enclosing a check for the Berry School and requesting the name of a family in need whom she could send some used children's clothing to.

This letter is a donation of $150.00 to the Berry Schools from Mr. McKinlock. He hopes hoping to keep the school comfortable and successful with this donation.

A thankful letter was written to Mrs. Merrick for the gift sent to the Berry Schools. The children in the school are working harder than ever before and Berry states that she wants to give them their chance in life.

A letter from Elinor Merrill to Miss Berry expressing her sympathy for the loss of the school dormitory, along with a $5.00 donation.

This is a letter from Martha Berry to what sounds like, previous donors, asking for monetary gifts that will be utilized to pay for children to attend and stay in the Berry Schools. Specifically, she asks for one hundred and fifty dollars, which will give one of the young people a chance at Berry for one year.

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