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McAlpin explains that she must withdraw her $1,000 pledge for the dormitory, which she had forgotten, as she has already sent $2,500 for a scholarship in memory of her mother, Almira Goodsell Rockefeller (Mrs. William Avery Rockefeller, Jr.)

Berry thanks McHarg for his $10,000 contribution, which will be added to the endowment fund. She hopes that he will visit the school and expresses her sympathy at the death of Mrs. McHarg.


Letter to J.B. Campbell from the E.H. Hoge asking for an endowment payment.


Donation Record for S.F. Boykin's endowment contribution.

Martha writes to Dr. Jacobs thanking him for his gift towards the endowment at Berry.

Martha Berry writes to Emily Hammond about some fundraising business, expressing dismay about Mr. Ochs' work and pledges. She also asks to hold off publishing an article in the New York Times about the schools.


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