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Mrs. Ada S. van Vechter asks if Martha Berry received the suit of clothes she sent previously. She also sends another small box containing some dresses.

Martha Berry send thanks and confirms the clothes she received from Grace Tracy. She comments on her sister being in an auto accident but notes that she is improving.


Miss Berry asks Mrs. Thomas to send the clothing articles from her Church society.

Mrs. Talman writes to Martha with a fifty dollar check to the school. She also asks Martha what size clothing they could make use of at the school as she might have somethings to send to the school.



Talmage has sent a box of clothing and wishes to be notified of its arrival at the school. She describes the contents of a box sent in March for which she received no notification.

Talmage requests an update on the receipt of a box of clothing she sent in April, enclosing a list of the box contents and a $10 donation.

Talmage sent a box of clothing to the Berry Schools, and she asks for Martha Berry to notify her when she recieves the gift.

Miss Berry thanks Mrs. Smiley for her donation of used clothing and hats.

Maria Rushmore sends two boxes of clothing, hats, and shoes to Ms. Berry and Berry Schools in hopes they will be useful.

Roop asks that Berry provide information about whether a package of shoes, pantaloons and a corset has been received.

Provides a detailed description of activities including bringing a warm coat for open motors and a reminder they will be required to write a short account of their impression of the schools.

Lucy W. Parmly informs Martha Berry that her niece has sent clothing to the Berry Schools. She also tells Miss Berry of various items being sent to the schools by other acquaintances of hers.


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