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The Berry Schools answer Roberta D. Carnes' letter in Miss Berry's absence to say that they have no books about the schools for sale.


Roberta D. Carnes writes to ask if there is a way to purchase books about the Berry Schools that would earn the Schools a commission. She speaks of her visit to the school with the Georgia Women's Temperance Union and her desire to help the work of the Schools.


Brewster asks for a copy of the Highlander and some literature to Mrs. A. W. Dubs and Mr. E. A. Wilcox, if they weren't already on the mailing list.

This is a letter written to Miss Barker from the Berry Schools telling her they have received her request for literature. They express their gratitude and hope that Miss Barker will use the literature she asked for in order to make the Berry Schools new friends.

Martha writes to Mrs. Bardin that she is sending literature about the Berry Schools.


Martha Berry writes to Frank Babbott telling him they are sending him information about the Berry Schools, including a pamphlet called "The Sunday Lady," and how they are in need of money and donations to help the students. She hopes that he will help and notes that any gift is appreciated.

A letter to Miss Van Houton from Martha Berry. The letter is asking for Miss Houton to look over literature samples to arouse interest in the Berry Schools.

Miss Berry sends Miss Smith some literature on the schools.


Mrs. Robinson writes to The Berry Schools asking for the most complete description of The Berry Schools that they have because she wants to send it to a friend who is very interested in the Schools.


Martha Berry expresses her regrets that Mrs. Milton was unable to visit Berry on her trip. She encourages her to send the school suggestions for arts and crafts. She says that she is sending Mrs. Moon some literature about the schools and hopes she will be interested. Berry also talks about a boy she recently found in the mountains and wants to bring to Berry.

Letter to Laura Lacy from Martha Berry sending her information about the work that went on at the schools.

Laura M. Lacy requests that information on the Berry Schools be sent to her so that she can share it with others who may be able to help.


Letter to Chas. F. Irish Co., requesting literature on tree removal equipment, as Miss Berry has a considerable number of trees to be removed.

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