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This document is a letter from the Members of the Board from The Berry Schools to the Social Register Association in New York in which The Berry Schools ask for quotes concerning the lowest prices for numerous Social Registers in different cities. The document proceeds to talk about how the schools have educated thousands of rural southerners and ends with a request for any amount of money. The next paper represents a picture of Georgia that shows where Mt. Berry is as well as naming the Executive and General committees.

$10 donation to the Berry Schools made by Richard Sears via post office order

This letter has a $150.00 donation enclosed in commemoration of the donor's mother, Bettie DeMoville.

Donation letter from Mary E. Reynolds

Sarah G. Polhemus replies to Martha Berry's request for a donation. She says that she and her husband want to donate $150 and wish to do so in two $75 increments over six months.

Letter written to the Berry Schools from Elizabeth B. Kelsey to inform them of the $100 check they sent to contribute to the Berry School's expenses

A letter requesting a donation of $150.00 from George Perkins to The Berry Schools.

Miss Rose donates $35 and hopes it will help one student towards getting an education.

In this letter to Ms. Berry is a donation of $5.00 From Charlotte Heyman for the Berry Schools. Heyman wishes Berry "success morally, spiritually, and financially" during the silver jubilee.

Mrs. Gest donates $150 to the Berry Schools to be used for the students' current needs.

L. T. Gibson writes to Martha Berry to donate $10 to The Berry Schools.

A.G. Zimmermann, architect, donates $50 to the school to help rebuild a dormitory that was destroyed in a fire.

This letter is in response to a subscription from Ms. Berry in which Mr. Young committed to. In the letter is enclosed a donation to the school.

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