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$10 donation to the Berry Schools made by Richard Sears via post office order

This letter has a $150.00 donation enclosed in commemoration of the donor's mother, Bettie DeMoville.

Donation letter from Mary E. Reynolds

Sarah G. Polhemus replies to Martha Berry's request for a donation. She says that she and her husband want to donate $150 and wish to do so in two $75 increments over six months.

Letter written to the Berry Schools from Elizabeth B. Kelsey to inform them of the $100 check they sent to contribute to the Berry School's expenses

A letter requesting a donation of $150.00 from George Perkins to The Berry Schools.

Miss Rose donates $35 and hopes it will help one student towards getting an education.

In this letter to Ms. Berry is a donation of $5.00 From Charlotte Heyman for the Berry Schools. Heyman wishes Berry "success morally, spiritually, and financially" during the silver jubilee.

Mrs. Gest donates $150 to the Berry Schools to be used for the students' current needs.

L. T. Gibson writes to Martha Berry to donate $10 to The Berry Schools.

A.G. Zimmermann, architect, donates $50 to the school to help rebuild a dormitory that was destroyed in a fire.

This letter is in response to a subscription from Ms. Berry in which Mr. Young committed to. In the letter is enclosed a donation to the school.

Anne Stevens Woodruff donates $150 to The Berry Schools with the note "Best New Years Wishes".

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