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In this letter EVH tells Martha Berry about some decisions that were made at a banquet. The nine decisions range from deciding to raise $1 million for the endowment fund to asking if Martha Berry could charge the visitors for room and board at the schools.

Emily V. Hammond expresses her desire to hold a luncheon for the Berry Schools on Tuesday, November 27th. She would also like Martha Berry and Inez to make a speech. After which, Mrs. Douglas Robinson will appeal for funds.

Mrs. Hammond wishes she could be present for Miss Berry's commencement but says she will be there in spirit.

Martha writes to Mrs. Hammond about establishing and raising the endowment with the help of the Pilgrims who have left the campus just recently.

The Pilgrims thank Martha Berry for her hospitality on their visit to the Schools and praise the school, students, Miss Berry, and her coworkers.

In this telegram Martha Berry offers her greetings and best wishes to Pilgrims from Berry.


Emily V. Hammond says she has asked Mr. Starr to go on the pilgrimage, but she does not think he will accept. She also sends a list of those attending and requests that Mrs. Pennybacker be placed in a cottage close to hers.

Berry hopes that Hammond will invite Mr. Louis Starr or his daughter to join the Pilgrims to see that Berry DOES still need funds.

In this letter Martha Berry tells Mrs. Hammond that she is sorry for the death of Mrs. Marquand. She also asks her for a list of Pilgrims for the spring.


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In this letter Martha Berry thanks Miss Marriet Hammond for her investment in the boys and girls. Martha Berry also says that she wishes she could be in New York with her again and go to the theater.

Grable comments on the recent issue of the Southern Highlander and suggests that a prospective donor, Ellen Scripps, be added to the mailing list. Grable encloses a partial payment of her scholarship commitment and sends thanks for hospitality shown the 1928 Pilgrims. An annotation on the letter indicates that Scripps is quite wealthy but has not contributed to the school.

Grable provides an address for a prospective donor, Mrs. Rex B. Clark, and reports that Mrs. Marshall Field expressed an interest in being a Pilgrim in 1929.

Martha Berry writes to Mrs. Fairchild informing her that they can not complete her quilts due to the inadequacy of the sewing room and inexperience of the workers during the summer. Martha Berry appreciates her interest and will gladly fill any order about the middle of September.

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