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Berry asks Liebold, secretary to Henry Ford, to approve a list of dining room and kitchen equipment in order to have the rooms usable by Christmas. She is particularly anxious to have the new building in use because the recent enlargement of the schools has made it necessary to serve the students in relays.

Martha writes to Mr. Carlson to explain that Mr. Ford was distressed over the looks of Clara hall and that something needs to be done to remedy the problem.

In this brief letter to Miss Berry from H. J. Carlson of Coolidge and Carlson Architects concerning the sketch for the Recitation Building that would be shown to Henry Ford. Carlson briefly talks about waterproofing in which he has written to a Mr. Skinner.

Martha Berry writes to Mr. Alston asking for another copy of a letter Mr. Ochs sent her about the discontinuance of the endowment fund campaign as she has misplaced her own copies. She also informs him that the installations in the dining hall and kitchen will be delayed due to changes the man Mr. Ford sent wants to make.

A thank you letter from Martha Berry to E. G. Liebold, the General Secretary of Henry Ford, to express appreciation at the speed of the arrangements Mr. Liebold made in getting an unspecified gift from Mr. and Mrs. Ford to Berry.

Berry responds to a letter from Ford with details about the weather, visitors to the school who admired the Ford Buildings, taking dolls to mountain children, and Martha Freeman's health. Berry requests a painting of Henry Ford for the dining room.

In this letter Martha Berry outlines The Berry Schools' great need for funds in light of the recent drought.

Letter asks for additional support to see the Berry Schools through the summer, and invites Mr Liebold to the commencement ceremony.

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