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Miss Winifred Root encloses a "small" check to commemorate the date of President Hoover's election after she heard about the success of the Berry Schools from two friends, Mrs. Hammond and Miss Crystal Waters. Miss Root's letter is sent from 2 West 67th St., New York, NY.

As Emily Vanderbilt Hammond indicated how Martha Berry would visit Miss Mason’s School, Mason invites Berry to a Thanksgiving banquet and reception at The Castle.

Berry thanks McGuire for making the Berry meeting a success. She encloses an article, telling McGuire that some people have gotten the wrong idea about gifts to the school from Rockefeller. Berry asks for a copy of a photograph taken at Mrs. Hammond's dinner.

In this letter Elousie P. Luguer is wishing Martha Berry good luck in her endeavors with the schools, and has sent twenty-five dollars to help with funding.


Letter to Mrs. George Francklyn Lawrence from Martha Berry thanking her for her contribution, sent via Mrs. Hammond, to the endowed day for Mrs. Marquand.

Berry seeks Lawrence's advice about sending reminders about pledges and asks if she can get a list of members of the Colonial Dames, as she wishes to interest them in the school in connection with Mrs. Charles Riker's visit with the Pilgrims.

La Verne understands the problems caused by publicity about fundraising for the Berry Schools. She must decline Hammond's dinner invitation, as she will be performing, but wishes to do something for Berry in order to atone for her blunder.


Berry writes of the importance of her friendship with Ladd and encloses a photograph taken of her holding violets that Ladd sent.

Martha Berry writes about the money raised for the endowment at an event organized by Mrs. Hammond. Martha Berry asks him to write Mrs Hammond, if necessary, for the donor's addresses. She apologizes because she knows Mr. Green needs running expenses but this money has to go to the Endowment fund. She also asks Mr. Green not to move into the new building until she returns.

Helen Hitchcock writes Emily Hammond to tell her about an exhibit being put on at the Art Center by the Colonial Dames' titled, "Gates of Opportunity." She says that exhibit reminds her very much of the Berry Schools and urges Hammond to bring Martha Berry to see the exhibition.


Mrs. Hammond asks Miss Berry about some enclosure to her letter, saying that if Miss Berry approves she will mail it for her. She also asks if Miss Berry has already written to Miss La Verne.

In this letter Martha Berry is thanking Mrs. Jno Henry Hammond for a donation. Martha Berry also explains that her sister and niece have been in two seperate automobile accidents.

Hammond encloses $1,000 for current expenses and reports on a satisfactory letter from Mrs. Hope. She is distressed to hear of Berry's sister's automobile accident.

Letter to Mrs. Hammond stating that Miss. Berry is away for a week or slightly longer as a rest after commencement and before summer term begins. She will respond to her when she can.

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