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Mr. Arnold thanks Miss Berry for the candy she sent him and his wife.


Mr. Alston sends a telegram to Miss Berry wishing her a merry Christmas and admiring her steadfastness during a very trying year.

Letter from Martha Berry to Mrs. Frank R. Abbey in appreciation of her gift.

Ellen thanks Martha Berry for her thoughtfulness during the Christmas season.

Grace thanks Martha Berry for the Christmas gift and wishes Miss Berry a successful new year.

Georgia Robertson thanks Martha Berry for the Christmas gift she sent and wishes Miss Berry a successful new year.

Mary Pearsall sends her thanks to Miss Berry after receiving a Christmas gift.

Mr. Kirby thanks Martha Berry for remembering him during the Christmas season.

Charles Hayden thanks Martha Berry for thinking of him during the Christmas season.

Mrs. Hammond's 1929 letter to Martha Berry thanks her for the bundle of kindling Miss Berry sent her for Christmas. She wishes Miss Berry a happy New Year and many new friends and supporters. She expects to start preparations for her next pilgrimage very soon.

Mrs. John Parmly thanking Miss Martha Berry for homemade candies that were sent to the Parmly residence at Christmas time.

Madeline McCue, one of Kate May Ladd's nurses, writes to Miss Berry, thanking her for sending her the paper cutter for Christmas. She also tells Miss Berry that Mrs. Ladd was able to sit in her chair for the first time in 8 years and had a wonderful Christmas with Mr. Ladd. She also expresses her sympathy that Roanie died, and explained that she read about it in one of the Georgia newspapers.

Miss Vaughn, one of Kate Macy Ladd's assistants, writes in thanks for the delicious Christmas candy. She is sorry to learn of Roanie's death, but happy to hear that he will still be with Berry "in a little different form."

Luella Whitney Dunn thanks Martha Berry for giving her a lavender bag and explains her financial difficulties, which have kept her from donating to The Berry Schools.

Ms. Colgate sends good wishes for the New Year.

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