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Suzy Cozart is writing to Martha Berry regarding a stone collection that was on loan from the schools from her husband. He has since died, and due to financial difficulty, Mrs. Cozart is asking if the schools would be willing to buy the collection from her for $250.

Mrs. A.B. Coxe writes to Miss Berry enclosing a check for three scholarships for one year, letting Martha Berry decide to whom they should go. A complete total donation of $450.00

In this letter Eugene L. Connelly tells Martha Berry that J. Fred Johnson and George Washington Carver have received nominations for the 1940 Humanitarian Award in the Variety Club category.

S.H. Cox donates $150 for a student scholarship. An added note indicates that they give this donation yearly.

A letter with an enclosed check of $450 to go towards Case No. 6 in the winter edition of the Southern Highlander unless they're already provided for, then it can be used for any other case that's in need.

Mr. Cox tells Ms. Berry that he has enclosed a check for $200 to cover a scholarship and repair damages from the severe winter.

A thank you letter for selling the display in the Weaving Room for the school and an invitation to come to the Commencement.

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