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Miss Laura Allen says that she saw Martha Berry's request that donors give $150 to educate one child. Miss Allen responds to this request by sending $500 for two scholarships.

Mrs. W. D. Wise gives a scholarship in her mother's name.

Top half: Receipt endowing a scholarship for one student commemorating April Sixth. Original author's intended donation amount under question. Bottom half: excerpt from an individual-a teacher or benefactor perhaps-commenting on The Berry Schools' good work

Anna W. Morrell sends a scholarship on behalf of her mother along with her mother's good wishes for the student who receives it.

Mr. Taylor writes to pay for Elizabeth's tuition and asks for an update on how she and Elsie are doing.

Miss Berry writes to thank Mr. Taylor for his donation. She tells him a little bit about Elsie and Elizabeth. She explains what she thinks about students staying or leaving The Berry Schools.

Mr. Taylor writes that he and his wife have just returned from a trip around the world and realized that his scholarship for Elsie is late.

A donation of $300 from Mrs. Wharton Sinkler.

Donation of $150 from Mrs. A. G. Sexton

C. B. Scoville donates $150 towards an annual scholarship.

C. E. Shell donates $200 to the Berry Schools.

Miss Pearsall and her sister each give Miss Berry 75 dollars to use for student scholarship.

Mrs. Muse encloses $75 for a scholarship.

Mary Jane Mulliuex, on behalf of the Hathaway-Brown School, sends $150 to Martha Berry as scholarships for the Berry Schools.

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