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Martha Berry writes Mrs. Harrah thanking her for the donation in memory of her daughter. She also asks if she would send a list of books that she wishes to donate.

Martha Berry writes to Mr. Foley thanking him for his gift for a student's tuition. She informs him about when their spring term opens and asks him to tell his friends of Berry and the need they have at this time.

Martha writes to Mr. Guthman to thank him for his letter and donation that he wished to have in memory of his wife's sisters, for the Silver Anniversary Roll.

Martha writes to Mrs. Fearn with a receipt for the amount she sent in memory of her son, and will see to the hospital flowers on the 21st of February. She also informs her she will receive one of the Anniversary Calendars soon.

Martha writes to Mr. Hall to thank him for the gift of 10 dollars.

Marths writes to Mr. Behm thanking him for the gift that the school received from him. She mentions that the school year has started off well with a full school again as well.

Martha writes to Ira thanking him for his donation toward the school.

Martha writes to thank Mrs. Smith for the gift at New Year and updates her on the Christmas season and the start of the spring term.

Martha writes to Mrs. Skeel to thank her for the letter she sent to the school, expressing that she can not tell her how happy it has made it and how well it will help a student.

Martha writes to Mr. Oches that they have recieved his letter with contributions from several people thank him for his assistance in gathering gifts for the school. She also encloses the letters of thanks for those who gave gifts for Mr. Ochs files.

Martha writes to thank Mr. Haggard for the cuts free of charge.

Martha writes to thank Mrs. Life for the gift that she sent.

This is a thank you letter written from Jennie M. Lang to Miss Berry.

Martha writes to Mr. Cotton to thank him for his gift towards the Water Supply.

Robert Alston, writing on behalf of an absent Martha Berry, thanks Mr. Oohs of the New York Times for his interest in the Berry Schools and remarks how it will be of great benefit to the Schools.

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