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An invitation to visit the schools while Mr. Macy is nearby in South Carolina. Miss Berry also speaks of how comfortable Mr. Macy could be in the guest house and about how much she enjoys living on campus and listening to the girls sing in the morning. She also speaks of their mutual friend Mrs. Ladd "with her love for all things beautiful, and for Berry."

This is a note documenting 134 shares of Coca-Cola International Corporation stock.

Mrs. Kielland is asking if a package of children's clothing that she had sent to the Berry School had arrived. Mrs. Kielland estimated the value of the clothing to be $60-$70.

Martha Berry asks Mrs Inman to have a Sunshine exhibit while she is on her vacation in Savannah and Augusta.

Martha Berry sends a letter to B.B Hornady & Bro. requesting a price quote for pecans. She also requests that a small sample of the kinds that are for sale be sent to her.

A letter sent to Martha Berry from a public library in Jersey City. The letter informs her that a box of books was being sent for her to use in her school.

A letter from Martha Berry to Mr. Floding about Sunday School class banners for perfect attendance.

Letter to Mrs Ramsay stating Berry is away from the schools, but if she is near Hingham, Mass. in January of 1928 she could probably visit the DAR chapter there.

A letter from R. Fulton Cutting to Martha Berry informing her that Mr. Everett Colby from Paris cannot serve as a Trustee of the Berry School.

F. O. Clements of the General Motors Corporation writes to ask Martha Berry for some literature so he can evaluate the school and determine if, "a little later," they "may be interested in placing an annuity" with the school. He indicates that he and Mrs. Clements have followed the school with great interest.

Martha Berry is writing to Mrs. Robert Bacon to express The Berry Schools' sympathy towards the loss of Mrs. Marquand. She also regrets not being in New York.

This letter was sent to Mrs. Calvin Austin to discuss the essay contest and the prize that was offered. The prize was divided so that all of the schools could enter; both the Girls School and the Foundation School had winners. The college students were to compete in the fall for the remainder of Mrs. Austin's gift.

Martha Berry writes to Mr. Renton thanking him for his gift to the schools. Martha expresses her concern about figuring out how the Berry Schools can take care of the many boys and girls they have.

F.W. Alstaetter donates $10 to the Berry Schools.

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