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This letter asks for a complete list of all the chapters of Colorado to be sent in.


Letter thanks Mrs. Bleecker for her gift and asks her to spread the Berry story.


Letter from Katharine Ogden, Headmistress of The Liggett School, to Miss Martha Berry enclosing $333.25 in donations from the teachers and students of the Liggett School and notifying her of holiday gifts being sent separately.

Glad you are happy with the gift made by girls at Sunhine Cottage. We are having two more made for you.

A letter to Martha Berry from Valentine E. Macy Jr. wishing Berry a happy New Year and to thank her for gifts she had received from Berry.

Thank you letter for gift at the Christmas season, hoping to keep all 900 boys & girls during the new term.

Gift of books for students of the school.


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Thank you letter sent to the Daniel Frigidaire Co. thanking them for the Water Cooler for the Rome Practice Cottage.

Mildred writes to Martha to correct the chapter she had listed on the receipt from the New Jersey DAR chapters to Monmouth not Monument as the receipt had.

Harry J. Carlson encloses copies of correspondence with the B. Mifflin Hood Brick Company, noting that Berry should send a thank you for a possible gift of roofing tile and asking that Mr. Skinner have samples of their tile on hand for his next visit. The letter from B. Mifflin Hood provides information about their roofing tile and about installation at other institutions. They are very interested in working on projects at Berry and offer a test installation at Berry for no charge or reduced price.

Martha Berry writes of her appreciation for Mrs Chambers's gift and for her continued support of Berry. She talks about a new frail girl tha she has brought to Berry

Adele wants to help with Miss Berry's work, but is "not numbered among the wealthy" and cannot afford to send money so she collects gifts for the boys and girls from her friends. She includes a list of the items she has on hand and asks Miss Berry if she is interested in any of them.

Martha Berry wants a daily list of gifts because it will be of great help. She wants Miss Bonner to let her know when she hears from Mr. Bierwirth because she has not heard from him. She also wants Mr. Keown to write her.

Martha Berry thanks Mrs. Bennett for her gift, her help, and her interest in Berry. Martha Berry expresses her condolences on Mr. Bennett's passing.

Martha Berry writes to Mr. Renton thanking him for his gift to the schools. Martha expresses her concern about figuring out how the Berry Schools can take care of the many boys and girls they have.

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