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Miss Berry writes to thank Mrs. Carson for her visit and friendship. She welcomes her to Berry any time and says she is doubly welcome as a friend of Berry and of Mrs. Ladd.

Mrs. Carson apologizes for not attending Martha Berry's birthday party and informs her that she was ill. She also sends a $300.00 donation to the Berry Schools. Mrs. Carson informs Miss Berry that Mrs. Ladd is still unwell and hopes that she will be better when summer comes.

Florence J. Vaughn writes on behalf of Mrs. Ladd to ask the number of children enrolled at The Berry Schools because she's thinking of them as Christmas nears. She congratulates Miss Berry on her recent award and says they're disappointed that they didn't get a visit from her.

Ms. Ladd congratulates Martha Berry and thanks her for calling.

The author is unclear, since one item refers to Martha Berry in third person and several items refer to "we". A catalog of dinners and meetings during a trip to New York, acknowledgement letters needed, prospective donors, and excerpts from speeches made at a "Negro Schools Program" held at Carnegie Hall.

Martha Berry thanks Mr. Macy for his and Mrs. Macy's gift at Christmas saying that they have helped build up the endowment fund. She also says that she's sorry she wasn't able to see him while she was in New York - she remembers all the pleasant visits with the Macys. She says that one of the last things Mrs. Macy spoke to her about was her interest in the endowment fund and her plan to host a luncheon to raise support for it. She adds a post script saying that Mr. Ladd told her Mr. Macy would let her know the name for the endowed day for that year.

Enclosed with the letter is a contribution from Mr. V. Everit Macy for his half of a day endowed with Mr. and Mrs. Walter G. Ladd.

Martha writes to Mr. Macy to thank him for the donation for the endowed day, and hopes that the New Year will bring a visit from him and his wife and that it was a pleasure to see them in New York.

An invitation to visit the schools while Mr. Macy is nearby in South Carolina. Miss Berry also speaks of how comfortable Mr. Macy could be in the guest house and about how much she enjoys living on campus and listening to the girls sing in the morning. She also speaks of their mutual friend Mrs. Ladd "with her love for all things beautiful, and for Berry."

H. F. Lippold writes to Martha with a check of $1,250 from Mr. V. Everit Macy for Endowed Day.

Martha Berry writes in thanks for a gift from Edith Carpenter Macy endowing the birthday of Kate Macy Ladd. Berry expresses her hope that Edith Macy will grow up to be a good friend to Berry.

Curtis, secretary to Mrs. William S. Ladd, encloses her check.

Berry writes of the importance of her friendship with Ladd and encloses a photograph taken of her holding violets that Ladd sent.

Berry thanks Ladd for her telegram of congratulations about the Pictorial Review Achievement Award and provides details of activities related to the award. She shares memories of a visit to the school by Noel Morris, who has recently died.

Ladd reports on a health set-back, the weather, visitors, and an impending trip.

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