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Miss Robertson is sorry that the Berry Schools have been affected by the drought, and sends $50 to help. She also mentions that Miss Berry to ask President Hoover for help.

M. B. MacBride writes on behalf of Mrs. Rives and sends a check for $25 to the Berry Schools.

Mrs. Elizabeth H. Riter sends a $10.00 donation to the Berry Schools.



Note with $100 andBadger written. Mr Riley's name and address are typed.

Mrs. Ricker writes to the berry school with her annual subscription for 1930

Note sent with donation for $500

Wm. L. Richardson sends a $500 donation to The Berry School.


Miss Alice E. Richardson sends $1.00 to the Berry Schools from her friend, Mrs. Beatrice Wallace.

Miss Alice E. Richardson sends a $5.00 check for a student of the Berry Schools to have their own Bible or for Martha Berry to use as she sees fit.


Miss Alice E. Richardson sends a $1.00 donation to the Berry Schools in celebration of mother's day.

A check for $150 in response to a letter asking for donations for the Berry Schools.

Filomena writes to Mrs. Hammond with a donation for the Berry Schools having always been interested in the Berry Schools and considers it a privilege to help in any small way to the School.

Emma writes to Martha Berry after being away with a check for fifty dollars to help and hopes it is not too late.

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