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In response to Martha Berry's request for the names and addresses of the Regents and Chapters in Pennsylvania, Mrs. Mary B. Arrowsmith, State Corresponding Secretary of the Daughters of the American Revolution, advises that Martha wait a few weeks until the new officers are elected, in which case the list will be most up-to-date.

This letter is directed to the treasurer of the Berry Schools and regards a donation from Dr. N. J. Magill sent through the Presque Isle Chapter of the DAR to the Berry schools for 150 dollars.

Letter from Louis B. von Gross, Treasurer of the Flag House Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution, to Miss Martha Berry enclosing a $5.00 donation from the Flag House Chapter towards the Berry Schools appeal for support.

The new Regent of the Denver Chapter of DAR, Margaret Buchtel, writes Martha Berry to inform her they have not yet decided if they will be able to make a contribution to the Berry Schools.

Eleanor B. K. Hussey writes to Miss Berry requesting that she comes to New Jersey and brings pictures of the schools so that the Daughters of the American Revolution will make a $150 donation. Martha noted yes on the upper left corner.

Mrs. Murray wrote the Berry School to see if she could obtain some of the Berry Schools products for a Sale in December. She also wanted to know their policy on the return of unsold products.

Mrs. Willey writes to Martha to inform her that they don't give out a roster of the Chapter Regents and gives her the address where she may direct her communications.

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