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Martha Berry writes Mrs. Ladd to thank her for her contribution to "Pilgrim Hall."

Letter to Arthur Curtis James from Martha Berry telling him how much they have enjoyed the enlarged chapel. Miss Berry informs Mr. James that at their commencement they could barely fit the people 'from far and away.' Miss Berry also informs him that Dr. James Vance, a preacher from Nashville, preached their baccalaureate service but also that he informed Miss Berry that he had 'never faced a more inspiring audience.' Miss Berry also informs him that she thought of Mrs. James at commencement and how she would have loved knowing that the chapel was being used for what she wished. Miss Berry also wishes that he would come and visit The Berry School and that she very much wished that the could have been at the commencement.

Berry thanks Holt for his recent memorial gift and reports on the recent visit to campus by Dr. Robert Norwood, of St. Bartholomew's Episcopal Church in New York City. She hopes Mr. and Mrs. Holt will attend Commencement.

Fred K. Hoehler writes to inform that he will be unable to attend the Commencement Exercises but that Standish Meacham will be coming.

Martha Berry expresses her excitement of Mr. Hoehler coming to be with her for commencement.

Berry asks Hoehler to help get Charles Taft as a commencement speaker.

Martha Berry lets Monica Henderson know that she cannot wait to see her at the Commencement.

Martha Berry asks for a copy of Dr. Norwood's speech about the Berry School and thanks Hammond for the party she brought this year.

Eugene writes to Martha to thank her for the weekend dinner at the end of March and discusses the upcoming Commencement.

Berry provides travel information related to Chase's Commencement visit to the Berry Schools.

Berry thanks Carman for his interest on Berry's behalf and tells him of the success of the first Commencement in the newly enlarged Chapel. She asks him to ensure that Mr. James gets his letter of appreciation.

Miss Berry tells Mr. Carlson about the Commencement in the new Chapel, the Fords' visit, her plans to ask Mr. Ford about the building of the new dormitory and Mrs. Hammond's visit with her group's pledges for the new dormitory.

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