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Martha Berry sends her thanks to Mrs. Dunbar for sending Christmas gifts from the DAR chapter.




A short Christmas letter is sent to the Berry Schools accompanied by some items.

Mrs. DuBois lets Martha Berry know that she has sent a package and Martha Berry sends her thanks in a reply message.


Mrs. Davison thanks Martha Berry for the Christmas gift she sent and encloses a check.

Martha Berry thanks the Davis Brothers for the gift they sent to Berry

Martha Berry thanks Mr. Craig for his kind gift.

Martha Berry thanks Mr. Crane for the gift he sent and expresses how much she wishes he would come visit.

Mr. Cox sends his thanks for the Christmas gift sent to him from Berry.

Miss Berry expresses her thanks to Mrs. Christie for sending Christmas cards and hopes she comes to visit them when Mrs. Christie comes down South.

S. W. Childs writes to Martha Berry to apologize for being "derelict" for so many years, encloses a $25 check for Christmas and tells Miss Berry that he talks to his friends, the Lister Carlisles, about The Berry Schools frequently.

Ellen Chase is thanking Martha Berry for the Berry Christmas Card and the cotton she sent her.

Note from Mr. and Mrs. Pierre Cartier wishes a happy New Year to the Berry Schools.


Martha Berry telegraphs from New York to ask Miss Bonner to postpone a meeting and to send contact lists for Boston, Hartford, New Haven, and other places in New England.

Miss Berry writes to Mrs. Auchincloss to ask for further donations because some of the students at the schools will have to be sent home in January if they don't get help. She says that she has their names before her and cannot make up her mind which ones will have to go and that she will watch for Mrs. Auchincloss' reply. She asks that Mrs. Auchincloss make a "real Christmas" for a Berry student.

Miss Berry thanks the Atlanta Paper Company for their gifts of Christmas boxes.

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