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Letter from Ralph W. Allen to Miss Berry containing a donation of ten dollars for the Berry schools.



Letter to Mr. Alston concerning a pledge by Mr. Ochs. Mr. Ochs sent letters to Subscribers to the Fund, stating that he has given $25,000, and that amount is simply a pledge. He has only given $5,000. Martha Berry seeks advise as to what to do to make correction.


The letter asks for scholarship donations and shows a receipt of $10 from Haas and Allen Race.

This is a statement of Miss Annie B Auchincloss' donation of $150 dollars to the Berry Schools.

Writes a letter to Martha Berry explaining how he has been working to complete his $1000 pledge to the Berry Schools. He also tells her than he thinks of himself as a Philadelphian, despite having lived in Georgia half his life. He mentions being sorry that Berry has been too ill to visit him and his wife in Cedartown.

Letter to Mr. A.S. Adams from E. H. Hoge, comptroller of The Berry Schools, informing Mr. Adams that at the recent drive to raise $100,000 he pledged to give $100 in semi-annual installments. Mr. Hoge writes to him informing him that the third installment is due. Mr. Hoge also informs him that his donation is appreciated not only by Miss Berry but also by others engaged in the work of the schools.

Frank B. Abrams donates a U.S. money order for $3 to The Berry Schools.

A letter asking Mrs. Frederick M. Alger for a donation of one hundred and fifty dollars.


Frances B. Ingersoll sends a check for $25 and expresses her desire to send more money than she is able.

Letter with a $5 donation. Appears to be an annual donation.


Dr. Jacobs writes to Martha that he is unable to donating to the Berry Schools at this time, but perhaps at a later date.


Letter to Wm Jenkins from Martha Berry informing her that they lost, by fire, the main dormitory at the Foundation School which housed seventy-five boys. She states that it must be rebuilt immediately to accommodate the boys at the beginning of the term on September 1st. She asks if they will come to the aide of the schools so as not to let the boys who want an education down. She says that a donation of any amount would be greatly appreciated.

In this letter Miss Berry thanks Mrs. W. M. Jones and the members of the 50-50 club for the registered goats.

Clark regrets that she cannot make an event in honor of Martha Berry. She also encloses a check for $25 to help a child at the school.

Clements writes to The Berry Schools to alert them that he and his wife are sending a crate filled with children's clothes. They will send another donation of older children's clothes at a later date.

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