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Letter from Jimmie J. Andrew , Secretary to Edwin M Bulkley, with donation check of $100.00 in support of the work of school.

May H Congden donates $5 after hearing of the fire at Berry.

George Clark writes with a check to the Berry Schools remembering his father contributed often when he was alive.

Harry S Buckman is sending a donation of $10 on behalf of Mrs. Buckman.

Letter with enclosed check for Christmas gift to the school. Question is asked if the state has compulsory education for its children to 16 as Michigan has.


Ms. Butler informs Miss Berry that she sent a package of clothes to her for some of the girls at the schools. However, she informs Miss Berry that the rain coat she sent might be better suited for one of the boys. She also makes other specific suggestions concerning the clothes she sent.

Letter to Martha Berry from Charlotte E. Clark informing her that her letter was received. She offers her regrets for Miss Berry's loss and donates $10.00 to help with the new building.

M. Louise Bushnell tells Martha Berry how much she enjoyed reading a copy of the Southern Highlander, which Martha Berry sent to her. She also encloses $100 to help a boy she read about in the Southern Highlander.

Nellie Brown thanks Martha Berry for the box of cotton she received. In return, she sends a $10 donation and a box containing some sweaters.

Letter to the Berry Schools from Frederick A. Brown concerning a donation to the schools of $25.

A letter from Martha Berry asking a friend to donate any amount of coinage in order to help repair the main dormitory.

Martha Berry thanks Miss Rosina Boardman for past donations to the Berry Schools and asks for her continued help. She explains how much donations will help the students.

The letter asks for donations to the school.



Berry thanks Atkinson for his contribution to the Georgia Drive for Berry.

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