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Response for donation to help cover the cost of the Foundation School dormitory that burned.



Miss Berry writes to the Treasurer General of the D.A.R. as an acknowledgment of the $701 dollars donated from the different Chapters. Miss Berry thanks her for the interest and help the D.A.R. has shown and asked for a list of the names of all State Officers for their records.

In response to a plea for help after a dormitory fire, Christina G. Kelley express her condolences and explains that, at the moment, she has very limited funds. She will, however, send what she can and encourage others to do the same.

Letter to Martha Berry from Grace B. Hadley concerning her $100.00 donation to the Berry Schools.


Letter to Martha Berry from W. A. Douglass thanking her for the samples of cotton she sent as well as sending a donation of $25.00.

Letter to a Mrs. Emery thanking her for her monetary contribution (likely to Berry) and asking for money to facilitate repairs and upgrades to the safety of the new housing.

Mrs. John B. Allen sends a message to Miss Berry letting her know that the DAR is raising money to send candy to the children at her school.


The boys dormitory burned down and Martha Berry writes a letter to her friend in hopes of having it rebuilt by the September term.

The Goldthwaits enclose a donation following the dormitory fire.

Letter to the Berry Schools from Grace H. Brosseau, Treasurer General of the N. S. D. A. R., informing Miss Berry of their donation of $3556.54 for Patriotic Education.

A letter from Martha Berry asking the Eugene Dietzer Company to help provide some equipment for a new course in forestry being offered at the Berry Schools. Berry mentions a recent fire on campus that has significantly affected the Schools' funds.

Emma McAlpin sends Martha Berry $1000.00 to help pay for a new dorm to replace one that recently burned down.

In this letter Mr. Guilford explains that he has enclosed the freigt bill coverage for a case of prepaid clothing, as well as his enclosed check for $10.00 towards the Berry Schools.

Solicitation letter returned with $5 donation after Boys Dormitory fire.

Letter to Martha Berry from L. A. Comstock, secretary to Mr. F. N. Doubleday, informing Miss Berry that Mr. Doubleday had just returned from being away for a few weeks. Therefore, in response to Miss Berry's letter of May 31st he sends a check for $25.00 to The Berry Schools.

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