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Marian writes to Martha apologizing for not answering sooner but they had been out of town. Marian also mentions that Mrs. Cromwell asked to thank Martha for the invitation but currently has no plans to visit Atlanta but will Martha know if she will ever be near the schools.

A letter accompanying a small gift from Quentin Crocker to Martha Berry. He tells how he heard of the schools from his family, who came back from the Berry Pilgrims meeting, and he was so impressed he sent a gift to the schools.



Mrs. Crocker is being refunded a $1.50 purchase she made while at the guest house, as the "Cabin Log" which she wished to buy has run out of copies. She is also being informed that the new copies will be priced at $3.00.


Miss Berry thanks Mr and Mrs Samuel Crocker for visit from Pilgrims.


Anna V. Crawford, partially out of gratitude for a Christmas gift of cotton and somewhat out of charity, is sending Miss Berry a check, so as to aid in the reconstruction necessary following the recent storm.

Martha Berry is denying a request from Susy Cozart to purchase her deceased husband's stone collection, which had been on loan at the Berry Schools.

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