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Berry thanks Shaw for the gift he sent and asks for his opinion on a manuscript written by someone at Berry about the Berry schools. She apologizes for not seeing Mrs. Shaw while she was in New York City.

This letter thanks Mr. Richardson for his generous gift which came at a good time. It also invites him to take a visit soon to Berry.

A thank you letter from Martha Berry to Clarence Poe regarding receipt of his application and note of good wishes.

Martha is thanking Miss McLean for her gift of clothing sent around the time of Christmas and also wishing her well after hearing that she is sick.

This letter is thanking Mrs. Ada Huntzinger for her continued support and donations among the years. It also refers to her desire to visit California.

Martha Berry sends a thank you letter to an anonymous friend for the gift that they sent. Berry also discusses the daily struggles of running the schools and her hopes for an endowment fund to cover the costly expenses.

Martha Berry writes to Hale Real Estate Company, thanking them for a gift she received. She mentioned how the donator (W. D. Hale) was one of Berry School's very own and she appreciates the support and hopes it continues in the years to come.

This is a letter to thank Miss Esherick for the clothing donation she sent.

A letter to Mrs. Eddy thanking her for her gift that was sent to them by Miss. Wooten. Martha hopes that the new year will be blessed for the young people attending Berry Schools.

This is a letter from Martha Berry to Mrs. E. K. Dwight thanking her for her donation to the college. She also mentions how she is hoping to afford to keep all the students at the school and not have to send any of them home.

In this letter Miss Berry thanks Mrs. Clippert for the Christmas package she sent, and tells her of the hard work the school children were doing.

Martha Berry thanks Mrs Cartierr for her gift towards Pilgrim Hall.

Thompson yhanks Miss Berry for the fluffy lace work and wishes her and her family the best for the new year.

Martha Berry thanks Mrs Warren for her gift especially because it will help Berry through the Spring and Summer

This is a thank-you letter from Mrs. John Markoe to Miss Berry for sending her a gift of lavendar. She apologizes for not thanking her sooner but explains that it was because she had been ill with the flu.

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