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Berry sends photographs to L'Engle, with permission to publish them if desired.

B.F. Kneeland, president of the Georgia Conference of Seventh Day Adventists, sends copies of photographs taken during a recent visit. He expresses the deep interest he and his wife have in education and in Berry's work.

Hammond's letter (and its contemporary transcription) addresses a number to topics, including Mr. Rockefeller's reasons for not contributing to Berry and a visit to the Girls' Service Club. Hammond informs Berry that Louise Brigham Chisholm was not aware the cottage she donated had been built and suggests that Berry write to encourage her to visit and perhaps teach students how to build her Box Furniture.

Wingo lets Berry now that it is time for the senior girls to go into Rome to have photographs made. Wingo wishes the photographs could be made on site, but that has not been the custom.

A letter accepting Mrs. George Eastman's offer to send Berry College some photographs. They could use any portraits and pictures of English Cathedrals in the living room of one of the girls' dormitories. Martha Berry then attempts to solicit a donation to keep the 700 boys and girls at the school.

Mr. Harrington writes to inform Martha Berry that her wire was received and they have replied via parcel post. He also assumes that she received the picture books he sent.

This note from the Archives Committee of the Cosmopolitan Club asks for a photo of Martha Berry to put in the Members' Room at the Cosmopolitan Club's house

Harris & Ewing let Martha Berry know they received the returned photographs and that they will work on making the eleven photographs to complete her order.

The Berry Schools send Mrs. Hammond some pictures of boys at Berry and apologize for the incorrect photos being sent. The Berry Schools also acknowledge the fact that Mr. Hammond has sent tennis rackets and to send a big thanks for them.

Emily Hammond asks Martha Berry if the one-thousand dollars she recently sent for the gymnaisium could go to rebuilding the dormitory instead. She also sends donations from Rachel Hammond May, Mrs. Richards D. Brixey, and Martha B. Whitney.


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