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A letter enclosing a $10 check to the Berry Schools from Mrs. A.M. Heath of the Mohawk.

Martha Berry thanks Mr. Allicott for his letter, and says she is sending him literature about the schools. She trusts that he will be willing to help.

Part of a handwritten letter to Martha Berry pertaining to a small donation given to the Martha Berry Schools.

This is a letter to Mr. Campbell from Martha Berry suggesting to talk to Mr. McGill about starting a campaign. She feels it is the right time to start one and wants to as soon as possible before Mr. McGill goes forward with another one.

Sarah Baldwin wrote to Martha Berry and enclosed a check for $100 and she wanted it to go to Audrey's education. She also said she didn't know if Audrey was still in school but it would be nice to know where she was. She ended in mentioning her delight in having Miss Berry over to her apartment if she were to ever be in Pittsburgh.

Amy Young requests the return of two letters which were sent to her sister, Charlotte E. Young, in the care of Martha Berry. Those letters were sent in anticipation of Charlotte's visit to Mount Berry, but that visit did not occur. Amy's letter also contained the gift of $2.

Letter from Mr. Yardley informing Ms. Berry of his mother's death.

Letter to the Berry School from Bernice Williams enclosing a check in $10 memory of the late Mrs. Chauncey S. Conger, a fan of the Berry School.

Letter from B. L. Sommer, chairman of the the board of Key Stone Steel & Wire Company, to the Berry Schools. The letter inclosed $150 for a scholarship and requested more information about the Berry Schools.

This letter is in reply to a letter written by Martha Berry to Mr Shaw. Mr Shaw has been too busy to answer letters, and is now on vacation.

Martha Berry writes that she does not want her guests to tip the boys & girls because she would like them to treat the guests as if they were in their home. Martha Berry thanks Mrs. Robinson for her letter and her gift, and encourages her to endow a day in honor of Col. Roosevelt. She also tells a funny story about a little boy's history lesson.

Martha Berry says she is unable to visit Mrs. Pyle due to her sister's recovery from a car accident and her being busy. However, she hopes to visit in the future.

A letter from Miriam Moyer asking if the Log Cabin Sunday School could use the current year's beginner and primary Lesson Picture Rolls, as well as scrap books made by children. She would like to donate them if the school can use them.

Mrs. Moën thanks Miss Berry for a pamphlet and her letter, but she is unable to support Berry due to other commitments.

Letter to Martha Berry from R. S. Lauge, president of Marquette Manufacturing Co. Inc., in response to a request from Miss Berry for a Balloon Jack for instruction at the school. Mr. Lauge agreed to send her one from the factory free of charge.

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