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While Mr. Markle appreciates his invitation to visit, he is too busy to come south this winter.


An invitation to visit the schools while Mr. Macy is nearby in South Carolina. Miss Berry also speaks of how comfortable Mr. Macy could be in the guest house and about how much she enjoys living on campus and listening to the girls sing in the morning. She also speaks of their mutual friend Mrs. Ladd "with her love for all things beautiful, and for Berry."

Martha writes to Dr. McAlpin who is in Augusta hoping that he could come and visit the Berry Schools.

Augusta writes to Martha hoping that her sister and niece are recoving rapidly after the automobile accident and that Martha will be able to get away and accept the invitation she received.

Fairfax Harrison sends Martha Berry a letter responding to an invitation to come to Rome.

Martha Berry informs Mr. Crane that Dr. Mayr wrote to tell her that he will be visiting the Berry Schools and reminded her of the happy times she had spent at Mr. Crane's home. She tells him that the school has grown and seen many improvements, including the adding of a guest room. She then thanks him for his interest in Berry and his friendship, and invites him to visit the schools.

Thank you letter for a gift of $1,000. Miss Berry also discusses her "silver wedding with the Berry Schools" and invites Miss White to visit the schools.

Martha writes to Mrs. Winchester thanking both her and her husband for the invite and asks if she can keep it open for now as her schedule is uncertain right now.


Invitation to Mr. Walpole to visit Berry Schools while on a visit to Shorter College in Rome, GA.

Urges Martha Berry to write Theodore Swan of Birmingham to visit the schools because he is interested and able to contribute to make an investment to benefit boys and girls.

Rev. H. J. Mikell declines Martha Berry's invitation to the Silver Anniversary of the Berry Schools because of a scheduling conflict.

In response to Miss Berry's letter, Louis sends $150 and announces that he accepts Miss Berry's invitation and will leave on January 14th for his visit to Berry.

Alice D. Jones responds for Senator William J. Harris of Georgia to an invitation from Martha Berry for the Senator to attend the Berry Schools' 25th anniversary celebration.

Letter from Martha Berry to Mrs. Margaret L. Yardley extending an invitation to visit Berry.

Martha Berry writes to Mr. Swan inviting him to come visit the Berry Schools after being informed by Mr. Meacham that he may be interested in visiting.

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