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Berry sends thanks for the Easter handkerchief, though she fears Henderson spent too much for it, especially as it is so expensive to live in Brooklyn.

Martha Berry thanks Mr. and Mrs. MacBriar for the gift she left when she visited Berry.

Martha Berry thanks Mr. McCamy for his generous gift of a loom for the work-room.



Martha Berry thanks Mr. Morris for his gift to the Anglo Saxon young people of Berry. The letter is inspiring as Martha Berry describes in great detail the many benefits the gift will bring to Berry.

Miss Berry thanks Mr. Barrow for the packages of peanuts he sent to the schools. She also asks that he would pay the schools a visit and wishes him a bright New Year.

Georgia Robertson thanks Martha Berry for the Christmas gift she sent and wishes Miss Berry a successful new year.

Mary Pearsall sends her thanks to Miss Berry after receiving a Christmas gift.

Ourant thanks Miss Berry for a Christmas Gift an wishes Miss Berry a happy Christmas and successful new year.



Antoinette writes to Martha Berry to say that a gift of cotton blossoms could not be delivered to Mr. Charles W. Zehunder on account of his death and had to be given to a member of his family instead.

The Myers write to Mrs. Hammond with a gift to be sent to the Berry Schools.


Berry is sure that Hammond and her daughter Rachel will have a wonderful visit with Alice and Peter, and asks that she encourage them to visit Berry. Kate Macy Ladd's nurses visited recently. Berry hopes that Hammond will visit in April.

The Berry Schools writes to Helen R. Gill to thank her for the gifts that she and her friends sent as well as the list of names that she provided to be placed on Berry's mailing list. The Schools also wish to express their condolences at Miss Gill's recent illness and hopes that her condition is improving.

Martha Berry lists the gifts Berry has received from 7 DAR chapters, through the DAR Treasurer General, and gives thanks to the state treasurer and the Chapters.


This letter asks for a complete list of all the chapters of Colorado to be sent in.


Letter thanks Mrs. Bleecker for her gift and asks her to spread the Berry story.


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