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Miss Berry asks Mr. Smith about his antique furniture and the price of a walnut desk he owns.



Martha Berry asks Miss Meyers to send her a list of the antique furniture with their prices so that she may personally buy a couple of pieces.

Parker supplies the name and address of a woman who makes rush bottom chairs.

In this letter Martha Berry asks Miss Gachet if she still has some antique furniture for sale.

A memorandum from the Empire Furniture Company to Berry Schools. Memorandum contains the type of furniture, how many, a description, and the cost.

Letter from Empire Furniture Co., acknowledging confirmed order and will make delivery at earliest possible moment.

Martha writes to Mr. Nye hoping to have furniture shipped within the next week.


Statement for a furniture purchase, including two red mohair sofas and two large library tables.


Letter from Martha Berry to Mr. C. R. Clouder, Empire Furniture Company, placing an order for furniture.

This is a series of letters between a Mr. Harrington of the W. E. Browne Decorating Company and Martha Berry. The first two regard some rugs at Sunshine Cottage used as models for the girls school. The second two are from Miss Berry asking about some cloth to cover chairs at her house.

Martha Berry reminds M. A. Harrington that he said he would "push" the order for the living room at Clara Hall but she has no evidence that the order has gone through. She says that the friends that are interested in the room will be there soon and she needs to get it finished as soon as possible. She asks Mr. and Mrs. Harrington to come visit and teach the girls how to make the rugs. She says that she feels the living room is too much responsibility for her because the interested people know a lot about furniture and will be paying attention to every detail. She asks Mr. Harrington to take care of it.

Miss Berry tells Mr. Harrington that they need 12 yards of braid to decorate the sofa and chair.

Harrington writes that Miss Berry has ordered the pieces that they reviewed. Harrington writes that the order will be filled with the pieces they reviewed.

Berry is extending thanks to Chisholm, from all at Berry, for a book she sent on furniture.

In this letter Martha Berry asks Mr. and Mrs. Harrington to come up on Saturday and bring up something to cover her chairs.

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