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Letter enclosed a $734 check to endow November 3, birthday of Mrs. Algernon S. Sullivan, president of the Industrial Education Association for Southern Mountaineers.

Hammond provides a fundraising update and says that she will do her best to go on the April 15 Pilgrimage.

Letter to Margareta Colgate from Martha Berry thanking her for endowing half a day in honor of Mr. Colgate. Miss Berry recalls how pleasant he was to her on her visit to them in New York and how interested he was in the work at Berry. She also mentions that she has friends on Park Ave. that she wished Mrs. Colgate knew. She also asks Mrs. Colgate to come and visit her in Georgia.

Berry explains the options that are available to Mrs. Bigler for using a bequest to the school from her mother, including an endowed day and scholarships.

Mr. & Mrs. John S. Craig pledged $2500 to the schools in honor of their son and hope to visit Berry when they return to the states. They may want to donate money to a building later on. Mr. & Mrs. Craig would like to be reminded of their pledge in January.

Miss Berry thanks Mrs. Bacon for her donation of $2000 to the Berry Schools.

Miss Berry expresses her sympathy for Mr. Yardley's mother's death. She asks if he would like to endow a day in her memory.

Berry suggests possibilities for how contributions from the Mary C. Wheeler School could be applied, describing endowed days and scholarships.

Martha Berry asks Mr. Stewart if he would come to Commencement exercises for the Berry schools. She mentions also the peach trees and dogwoods in bloom.

Letter to Wm. W. Stewart from Martha Berry informing him of her appreciation of the endowment he established in the name of Mr. Hamilton Stewart. She informs him she thinks this is one of the best ways of remembering our loved ones, by helping the lives of young people and teaching them the right way of living and thinking. She also hears that he is interested in seeing the work at the Berry Schools and hopes that he will visit the schools soon.

Martha Berry writes that she does not want her guests to tip the boys & girls because she would like them to treat the guests as if they were in their home. Martha Berry thanks Mrs. Robinson for her letter and her gift, and encourages her to endow a day in honor of Col. Roosevelt. She also tells a funny story about a little boy's history lesson.

Martha Berry writes about creating endowed days for Estelle Whitfield who has recently passed, and for Mrs. Gertrude Rice, whose name meant much to Berry in its early days. Martha Berry expresses her sympathy, and she explains how endowed days help keep children in school.

A letter discussing the possible endowment day for William Rood Huntington being on September 20th.

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