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Wm. Ray responds to an appeal letter about the burned dormitory with a $10 donation.

This request for donations from the Berry Schools features a picture of the dormitory fire and a photo of some Berry students. A small note on the card from Mrs. C.M. Pratt notes a $250 donation.

In this letter Elliot Peabody apologizes to Martha Berry for the loss of the dormitory and encloses a check for one hundred dollars to help replace it.

MacKnight donates $10 to the Berry Schools in response to the dormitory fire. MacKnight also mentions the small size of their own school, only one family and two other individuals, but they explain the school takes great pleasure in helping however they can.

Berry thanks Sloane for his concern about the dormitory fire, characterizing the loss as less complete than first estimated.

Martha Berry writes Catherine B. Pendleton to express her thanks for the $1000 received from the Detroit Trust Company per her instructions. She goes on to talk about a dormitory destroyed by fire and not fully covered by insurance. She expresses a great need for a new dormitory due to the crowded conditions at the Foundation School. These conditions, she claims, will force her to turn away accepted students in September if the new building is not yet complete and ready to house them.

Sloane inquires about the status of fundraising for rebuilding the burned dormitory and reports that he has written to Mr. Ochs about the endowment campaign.

Mrs. F. F. Seymour sends $1. in response to the plea for the quick help of Mrs. Seymour in rebuilding the main dormitory at the Foundation School that was just lost in a fire.

George Petrie sends a telegram to Professor Skinner to say that he is greatly distressed to learn about the loss of the dormitory and asks Professor Skinner to express his sympathy to Miss Berry. A handwritten note at the bottom denotes George Petrie as the Dean of Auburn.

Mr. Sherrill sends $25 in response to an appeal letter from Martha Berry. Her letter explains that the boy's dormitory at The Foundation School has been lost by fire and a fire proof replacement must be built.

Laura writes to Martha expressing sympathy for the dorm fire and a donation to help with the rebuilding.

Peet encloses a donation and reports on a recent trip to the Philippines, China, and Japan, and expresses interest in the Charles E. Jefferson Academy in Billings, Montana. Written on the reverse of the dormitory fire solicitation.

Record of the contribution of Mrs. Roswell Skeel in response to the dormitory fire solicitation.

A contribution to help rebuild the dormitory lost by fire.

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