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Charles E. Riley encloses $200, $100 for his annual donation and $100 for rebuilding the burned dormitory. He says that he cannot understand how so many dormitorys burn at schools, saying they must be very poorly built and there must be careless mistakes.

Martha Berry expresses great appreciation for Mr. Sloane's gift; she discusses the roof of a dormitory building that nears completion. Martha Berry invites Mr. Sloane to Berry during his trip from Florida back to New York.

Mrs. Reynolds apologizes for not responding to Miss Berry's letter promptly, and discusses her regret at her inability to assist in the funding of the dormitory to replace the burned dormitory.


Martha Berry asks for donations to help rebuild the dormitory that burned down.

The secretary for Mrs. George W. Perkins responds to Miss Berry's letter about the dormitory destroyed by the fire. Mrs. Perkins then donates $100.00 towards the rebuilding of the dormitory.

Mrs. Schriver writes to Martha telling her she wishes could give more than the 25 dollars she enclosed. She also hopes that Miss Berry's many friends will give generously and she inquires about if Martha Berry has any pamphlets about the Berry schools to send. Mrs Schriver also inquires about the dormitory that had burned the previous year.

Grace H. Selkirk writes to Miss Berry to express her sorrow for the loss of the dormitory and sends $10 to help with the rebuilding.



Elvine Richard sends $50 for the rebuilding of the burned dormitory.

Martha Berry writes Catherine B. Pendleton to express her thanks for the $1000 received from the Detroit Trust Company per her instructions. She goes on to talk about a dormitory destroyed by fire and not fully covered by insurance. She expresses a great need for a new dormitory due to the crowded conditions at the Foundation School. These conditions, she claims, will force her to turn away accepted students in September if the new building is not yet complete and ready to house them.

Martha writes to Mr. Robinson with an article about the dorm fire at Berry in an attempt to get an appeal in the Asheville Citizen.

Page writes that only $10 of her last check should go towards the dormitorywhile $91 was for Mary F Cox schip.

Miss Richards writes to Martha with a donation for the burned dormitory from the Sixth Grade of Ashland School.

Miss Berry sends two views of the Foundation School Dormitory for boys and explains that she can't figure out how the pictures were labeled as the New Girls Dormitory. She talks about how beautiful the building will be when it's completed if they get the funding from the friends of Berry. She says she would be happy to have Mr. Sloane visit Berry the next time he comes South.

Miss Randolph sends a $75 check and notes that $25 is for usual subscription; the other $50 is a gift to help with rebuilding the dormitory.

This is a letter giving thanks to Mr. Slack, who made a gift to the Foundation School. The gift will help create a much-needed dormitory at the school.

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