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A letter thanking the Woman's Guild for their donation of books to the Berry Schools

Zell Ryan tells Martha Berry that the Home Economics Club is sending $15 to contribute to the Possum Trot School and the welfare fund. She tells Martha Berry that they have also given $15 to Miss Alston for supplies for girls who do not have funds and contributed $27.90 for magazine subscriptions for the girls school library. She thanks Martha Berry for the opportunity to be a part of the Berry Schools. She hopes that the club will grow to be a "living expression" of their devotion to Martha Berry.

A letter to Miss Hollister from Martha Berry thanking her and Mrs. Hollister for sending their usual donation. She goes on to describe their rising need for financial assistance at Berry this year, and how much their help really impacts Berry. She goes on to say how touched she is that Berry was remembered even while Mrs. Hollister is so ill.

A letter from Martha Berry thanking Miss Hodge for her generous gift of baby clothes, towels, pillow-cases and other useful gifts. She goes on to describe their great need and appreciation for these gifts. Martha Berry talks about the one room cabins of Rome where families of 10 -12 often live. She concludes with hoping that Miss Hodge will thank the members of the Needlework Guild for the many good things that have come to Berry from their generous hands.

A thank you letter for the donation Mr. Hodges gave to the Berry Schools.

A thank you letter for the painting Mr. Conrow sent to the Berry Schools.

A letter to Mrs. Hitchcock praising her as someone of inspiration and also asking for donations for more students to be able to come to Berry.

Rebecca E. Hersey sends a check for one dollar to help the work of the Berry Schools.


A letter to Mrs. Heath thanking her for her donation and telling her of the strong need of education for the young people of Rome and their desire to be in school, and how their donations allow children to once again attend school.

A thank you letter for the last box of clothing Mrs. Heath sent to the Berry Schools.

A letter of thanks from Miss Martha Berry for the warm clothes sent to her from Mrs. Heath to clothe the young children of Rome who are in desperate need of warm clothing for the winter months.

Mrs. Heath explains that she is sending a check in memory of her nephew, Frank R. Abbey, who passed away in 1936. She says that he was a contributor to the Berry Schools and that she is glad to keep his memory alive.

Martha Berry thanks Mrs. Heath for the package of warm clothes that she donated to the Berry Schools. She explains that the need is great and that she will give everything in the package to needy children.

A letter of thanks from Martha Berry for the donation of magazines and Christmas cards by Miss Sara Hayden. Berry goes on to describe their great need for new books. The ones they have are so used that they are threadbare and the librarian struggles to try to prolong their lives as best she can.

A letter to Mrs. Harkness asking for donations due to Berry's low funds and the vast need of prospective students.

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