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This is a handwritten letter to Martha Berry from Mrs. Kinston, regarding a donation of $5.00 and some magazines for the girls of the school.

This is a donation letter for $250 to be used "as you think best," accompanied by Christmas greetings.

Miss Hadley donates $150 to the Berry Schools.

Mrs. Dickinson sends $25 to Martha Berry on behalf of Miss Rose Dickinson because her inability to send the money due to illness.

This letter encloses R. Fulton Cutting's donation of $2,500 for the Berry Schools.

This letter is a thank you letter to Mrs. John Turner Atterbury for her donation of $100 toward the building Pilgrim Hall from the Berry Schools.

A note from Mrs. Harriet H. White containing a donation of $400 for Martha Berry's fine work.

A donation form for The Berry Schools in the amount of $150.00 from Mrs. Warburg.

Check for $25.00 as part of tithe for God's work through Berry Schools.

Emma C. Reynolds sends a $50.00 donation to the Berry Schools and says she hopes that Martha Berry will successfully secure the Endowment Fund.

This letter is from Mrs. Polhemus sending Ms. Berry a scholarship donation and wishing her a happy new year.

The following shows documentation of a $100 donation to Berry Schools. The donation was given by a Mr. H.S. Ludlow from Troy, New York.

This letter to Miss Martha Berry includes a $10.00 donation for current expenses for the Berry Schools. Lewis also hopes that Miss Berry will have a successful year.

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