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Sarah J. Worth is asking Miss Berry if the clothing she sent for the quilt blankets had arrived. Sarah J. Worth also says that if they had not arrived she would check back with the post office.

Berry asks Wingo to instruct the girls to have their bonnets ready and to expect to practice marching into the Chapel as soon as the quarantine is lifted.

Mrs. Twilley sends clothing for the needy boys at Berry.


Miss Berry thanks Miss Sutton for sending her uniforms and tells her how timely they were. She is sorry that Miss Sutton cannot come back to Berry but hopes she can remember what she learned while she was there.

Since she cannot herself return to Berry, Elma Sutton is sending her blue uniform dresses for use by another student.

Mrs. Smith writes to enclose her check for $100 and give notice that she will be sending another package with clothing and other items soon. She thanks Miss Berry for her personal attention and explains that life seems lonely because both her husband and aunt recently passed away. She expresses her hope to visit the Berry Schools someday.


Mrs. Smiley writes to The Berry Schools to inform them that she has shipped a box of clothing and other items and requests confirmation of receipt. She also asks that the next issue of the Southern Highlander be sent to their home in Florida.

Miss Berry writes to Mrs. Smiley to thank her for the clothing and ask her to visit when she is in Florida.


Receipt for a donation of clothing from Mr. George H. Smiley to the Berry School Store.

Mrs. Snowdon writes to congratulate Miss Berry on the Pictorial Review award and to ask if she would be interested in a donation of three boys' uniforms from military school.

Mr. Simmonds responds to the Berry Schools' writing to inform him that they may have received the package of clothing he sent and to apologize for the delay in acknowledgement.


Mrs. Bushmon writes to inform the Berry Schools that she has sent a box of clothing to the schools on January 3rd.


Munger sends a $1.16 check to cover the express on a package of clothing she sent from Washington.

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