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Dr. Proctor sends a $6 check from Miss Frances Wilson which he mistakenly omitted from his letter to Martha Berry. He also requests addresses for Miss Foster, Miss Warden, and Mr Greene.

Margaret Prince writes to Martha Berry to notify her of an enclosed check for a purchase of bags made in December.



Mr. Perkins is asking after a check Miss Berry said she would send him in a few days.


This is a letter from Mrs. Milton to The Berry Schools with a check enclosed, asking for three white fans. She also says she will be sending a letter later on because she soon will be changing addresses. On letterhead from the Williams Inn.

Mrs. Clinton Merrick writes to Miss Berry concerning the endowment fund Mrs. Merrick owed Miss Berry. Mrs. Merrick enclosed a check within this letter and it was the last payment that was needed to fulfill the full payment for the fund.

Mr. Erwin A. Holt writes Miss Berry sending a check of $300 and also his warm regards.

Mrs. Marshall encloses her rent check which Mr. Keown asked her to mail. Mrs. Marshall also tells Martha Berry that she doesn't need the furnace fixed anymore, but the drive to the house is still in need of repair.

Martha Berry writes that she will be unable to visit Miss McCollough, and she sends her a check to help her be more comfortable. She expresses her appreciation for Ida's work with the children at Berry

The Berry Schools asks the Fifth Avenue Bank for the address of Mr. W. L. Jones so they may send a receipt for his recent check.

Thomas Hume & Co. sends a check for $25 to The Berry Schools as instructed by Mrs. Margaret A. Hume and asks that they send a receipt to her.

Edith Howe writes to Martha Berry, enclosing a check for fifty dollars. She also sends her regrets that she cannot send more because of all the appeals that have been sent to her as of late. "[T]he suffering every where is so great," she says.

Mrs. Guthrie sends her donation to a young girl in Berry.

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