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In this mail out, Martha Berry asks for donations to the school; especially the one hundred fifty dollars, it takes to fund a student for a year.

Card expressing appreciation to Martha Berry from an alum. The author mentions a small gift has been included with the card. This appears to be a formal, two-sided card, and there is a graphic included.

G. L. Green writes to Miss Bonner, describing Clint Wheeler during his time as a student at the school. Wheeler was a "very good man" but had to leave school because of his father.

Berry was glad to see Raidford at the anniversary celebration, as she is always glad to her from former students.

The Berry Schools inform Mr. Ketchum that the records he requested about the careers followed by Berry alumni would be difficult to collect while so many people are out of the office. They enclose a packet of general information about the school and say that further records can be obtained for him later. They tell him that that most students return home to work or marry after they graduate, excepting a small percentage of girls who are hired on at the schools. The schools also inform him that many others go to college after completing their high school work and Miss Berry is establishing a Junior College for those such students. She is also working on establishing a bookkeeping and stenography course for college sophomores. They encourage him to write with any more questions.

Hoehler writes to let Berry know he has not forgotten about the laundry equipment, but has just been busy. He mentions he has met a few of the Berry boys at Davidson College where he spoke recently.

Invitation to former student inviting her back Berry to get her college degree.

Anthony, a Berry alumna, encloses a gift from her school, Fort Perry. She is proud that she and several other "sons and daughters of dear old Berry" all came from Fort Perry School.

Mr. Hagedorn is returning a check and letter that had accidentally been sent to his wife. He express the joy that the memories of the School bring to him and his wife, and expresses the wish that they should be able to give to the school when they are financially capable.



Letter to Martha Berry from alumna A. S. McClain informing Martha Berry of her visit to the schools.

The author, possibly Bessie Bonner, sends news to Martha Berry at the Hotel Gotham in New York: Charlie will take Frances Rhea Berry for a drive in the afternoon, Martha Freeman invited her to talk in the kitchen, lists of donors are enclosed, Mrs. Daley will be asked to delay her visit until Berry returns.

Holbrook, who briefly attended the school herself, implores Berry to accept her brother Gibbie Maynard and friend Hebert Holbook to work their way through school.



Henderson writes to Berry because she sent two war saving stamps toward a certificate.


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