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Martha is asking if he will still be donating and thanking him for his donations.

In this mail out, Martha Berry asks for donations to the school; especially the one hundred fifty dollars, it takes to fund a student for a year.

Martha Berry thanks Miss Frances E. White for her generosity, and promises to keep her donation anonymous. Berry continues to talk about the wild flowers in bloom due to Miss. Whites interest.

A letter to Martha Berry enclosing a collector's receipt for taxes from 1927. It states that the taxes from 1928 will be sent to her when they are due.

In this letter to the County School Commissioner, A. H. Swain, Martha discusses her wish to keep the Possum Trot School. She then discusses how she likes working with the graduates from Berry that also work in the county schools.

Dudley W. Smith writes to Martha Berry to donate $50 and thank her for the "charming little story" she sent him. He compliments her personality and wishes her well.

On October 24, 1927, Martha Berry provided an opportunity for employment for Clyde Long to return to Berry to "do hard work" on the farms with the boys.

In this document, Martha Berry sends her thanks to Mrs. Ripley Hitchcock for the Silver Roll that Hitchcock sent. Miss Berry continues by talking about the New York Pilgrims and how much they mean to Miss Berry and the students.

Donation from Mrs. Lawrence and two others totaling $425.

A letter to Martha Berry from Dorothy Wright. Dorothy was giving a gift to Martha in memory of her father who had great interest in Martha Berry's work.

Donation solicitation from Martha Berry to Thomas. A. Watson for the construction of a new dormitory after a fire.

In this short letter, Mr. Taft of The Taft School in Watertown, Conneticut, has just sent a $25.00 donation to Miss Berry.

This letter is a response from J.K. Pullock to Martha Berry involving a donation to Berry College. Pullock informs Martha Berry of his inability to provide funds due to business problems. The author ends by praising Martha Berry and her work.

Bonner sends the text of a wire from Effie Smiley advising Berry that a room is available for her at Mr. Rest over Labor Day; Smiley will meet Berry's travelling expenses.

"Enclosed find five dollars which I hope may be of some little use in carrying on the work." It is unclear whether this was a personal gift or a gift from the WCTU Society.

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