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This letter is regarding a freight bill and bill of lading from Ford Motor Company.

E. H. Hoge thanks Mr. Campsall for the shipment of thirty-six tons of Sulphate and Ammonia from Henry Ford and the Ford Motor Company. The shipment cost came to $2689.40 according to the Central Georgia Railway. Hoge greatly appreciates the kindness from Mr. Ford and assures him that they enjoyed his most recent visit.

Among these documents are reciepts for the varrious items need to build a reservoir and a recitation hall. One of these is a letter from The Berry Schools to the office of Mr. Henry Ford asking for a check to cover the expense.

Hoge writes to Mr Campsall at Henry Ford's office about supplying Berry's farms with 36 tons of sulphate of ammonia and how it should be delivered.

A letter from the secretary of Henry Ford about a big donation to go towards the new recitation hall.

Hoge sends a receipt to Henry Ford's office for the work on the drives around the new buildings on campus and asks for a check for that amount ($20,648.35).

E. H. Hoge, the Comptroller for the Berry Schools, writes to E. G. Liebold to acknowledge a check sent by Henry Ford for $11,426.22 to cover the cost for a new water supply.

Mr. Liebold informs Mr. Carlson of their current plans on travel for the early part of January.

Miss Berry tells Mr. Carlson about the Commencement in the new Chapel, the Fords' visit, her plans to ask Mr. Ford about the building of the new dormitory and Mrs. Hammond's visit with her group's pledges for the new dormitory.

Architect Harry J. Carlson asks Martha Berry for her opinion of the chapel enlargement, which he thinks is an improvement and looks as it were there before. He asks whether the new dormitory, which Mr. Ford has elected not to fund, might still be a possibility.

Berry writes to Maddox to clarify for financial statements that Henry Ford has not purchased her home, a rumor she suggests may have been started in Rome.

Letter to Martha Berry from William McKee informing Miss Berry that he can not come to the trustees' meeting nor could he bring Mrs. McKee with him even though she would get great pleasure out of the visit. He also informs Miss Berry that he feels that he is a useless trustee even though he still has great interest in the schools. He also wonders whether Mr. Ford's recent visit to the schools has increased the endowment. Mr. McKee informed Miss Berry that while he was in Cuba and saw Mr. Ford's visit to the schools in the paper.

In this letter Louisa King asks Martha Berry to send her word when she next expects Mr. and Mrs. Ford as she needs to see Mrs. Ford about a mutual interest. She says that Mrs. Ford asked her to join them at Berry but she could not come the last time.

Mr. Hamilton asks that Miss Berry informs him when Mr. Henry Ford will be visiting the Berry Schools so he can come speak with him. Mr. Hamilton was a patient at the Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit and experienced Mr. Ford's hospitality firsthand. He hopes to catch Mr. Ford at Berry because he know how hard it can be to get to him at his office in Detroit. He compliments Miss Berry's work and says he would love to get a chance to speak to her as well. He thanks her for her time and asks for a response as soon as possible.

Miss Berry sitting with Mr. and Mrs. Ford in a dining hall.


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