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Mrs. Wardwell sends her contribution toward a fireproof dormitory building.

Berry thanks Willock for her gift, tells her about the Foundation School dormitory that burned, and invites her to visit for the 25th anniversary.

Mary E. Tenax writes to Martha Berry offering a small donation in response to an appeal from money she made from her asparagus bed.

Martha Berry sends her heartfelt thanks to Mrs. Talmon for her gift toward the new dormitory.

Mr. & Mrs. Taylor each gave $250 for the Foundation School.

Charles Swift writes to the Berry Schools noting he had already made a contribution to the rebuilding of the burned dorm.

Martha Berry thanks Mr. Sloane for his impending check that will allow Berry to begin work on the new dormitory.

Martha Berry informs Mr Sloane that his last letter has just been received after being held at the post office ; she sends him the cost estimate for the roof of the new dormitory and tells him how much his help is needed.

Martha Berry writes Catherine B. Pendleton to express her thanks for the $1000 received from the Detroit Trust Company per her instructions. She goes on to talk about a dormitory destroyed by fire and not fully covered by insurance. She expresses a great need for a new dormitory due to the crowded conditions at the Foundation School. These conditions, she claims, will force her to turn away accepted students in September if the new building is not yet complete and ready to house them.

A letter written by Martha Berry to William J. Schieffelin Jr., asking for funds to rebuild the main boys dormitory at the Foundation School that had just burned down.

Miss Berry sends two views of the Foundation School Dormitory for boys and explains that she can't figure out how the pictures were labeled as the New Girls Dormitory. She talks about how beautiful the building will be when it's completed if they get the funding from the friends of Berry. She says she would be happy to have Mr. Sloane visit Berry the next time he comes South.

Record of the contribution of Mrs. Roswell Skeel in response to the dormitory fire solicitation.

This is a letter giving thanks to Mr. Slack, who made a gift to the Foundation School. The gift will help create a much-needed dormitory at the school.

Berry thanks Richards for her gift, which will help with building a dormitory at the Foundation School.

Rachel H. Powell send $5 in response to Martha Berry's appeal letter about the rebuilding of the burned dormitory.

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