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Berry wants an older person to work in her house, but suggests that Green's daughter submit an application to the school as a work student. Berry will recommend her, and if necessary she can work at the school to earn her tuition.

Bethea writes about her two sons who have attended Berry, William and Johnny Bethea. William has had to leave school. He had hoped to become a doctor, but the family cannot afford more schooling for him and so he will go to work at his cousin's sign painting shop. Johnny was dismissed from school for smoking, but Mrs. Bethea hope he can go back. She asks Martha Berry to speak to both boys, as her advice will be so meaningful to them.

Berry reprimands Wingo for letting Faith Cottage children work outside the Girls School, asking that the girls be removed at once. Only older girls should work in the Boys School or in the kitchen where there are so many boys.

Mrs. Walter encloses a check of $25 for the work of Miss Berry's schools.

A short paper listing the benefits and reasons why one should work.


This is a letter to Mr. Hoge regarding the prices of stump pullers.


Martha writes to Charlie telling him that she does not need him for the present for work, and if he has a job in Atlanta that it would be best for him to stick to it as she already has a good boy engaged in driving for her.



Jessie Powers writes Martha Berry to detail how much she enjoyed her visit to the school. She also informs Martha Berry that she will be seeing a doctor soon to see if she is well enough to work and return to the school the following year.

This is a letter from Nellie Fort to Martha Berry telling her that it may be possible for her church to do some work at the Berry Schools.

Martha Berry encloses a check to pay a statement of account, and inquires about a map that will be delivered by MrWarren Hall. Berry is ready to start the workwhen Warren has the plans ready.


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This is a letter to Mrs. Kneisly from Martha Berry in regards to working at Berry Schools. She says that there are no vacant positions, but that she will keep Mrs. Kneisly's name on file in case any come up. She also sends Mrs. Kneisly some literature about the schools to pass on to others.

Letter talks of a visit from Mr. Carson to Berry later that month and how anxious they are to continue with work.



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