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Adelaide M. Megeath writes to Martha Berry to donate $100 and commend her for the work she does at the schools. She also thanks Martha Berry for the cotton she received and informs her that her daughter Virginia got married and changed her name. She says that she has always wanted to visit the schools but has never been able to.

Letter of thanks for a paper-cutter the Berry Schools sent Mr. Kahn.

Letter from J. L. Bobe in appreciation of the Christmas sweets.

A letter from the Berry Schools to the Abiah Folger Franklin Chapter of the DAR in appreciation of the donation sent for students.


Thank you note for a gift Martha Berry sent to B.? Blanchard, presumably from New York City, New York. Address at top of stationary is 100 Central Park South. Mentions a birthday dinner that raised $11,000.00. Emily Hammond is named in the note as a hostess at a Christmas gathering.

Thank you letter for cotton with buds sent to her grandchildren in New York and Long Island.

Martha Berry connects to Mrs. Miller and sends her thanks as well as blessings for Mrs. Miller's investment.


Martha Berry informs Mr. Crane that Dr. Mayr wrote to tell her that he will be visiting the Berry Schools and reminded her of the happy times she had spent at Mr. Crane's home. She tells him that the school has grown and seen many improvements, including the adding of a guest room. She then thanks him for his interest in Berry and his friendship, and invites him to visit the schools.

Miss Berry thanks Mr. Brown for his donation and informs him that it is the 25th anniversary of the school's founding. She informs him that she hopes to meet a record in donations and invites him to their jubilee celebration.

In this letter Martha Berry thanks Miss Adams for her donation.

Martha Berry sends a note to Estelle Whitfield to thank her for her Christmas card and her gift of $10 to Berry. Martha mentions that there are over 800 boys and girls at Berry this Christmas and extends the invitation for Estelle to visit Berry with a friend.

Mrs. Shepherd thanks Miss Berry for the Silver Anniversary Calender and complements her work, promising to send a contribution as soon as she can.

Lucy T. Ray thanks Miss Berry for a calender and congratulates her on her work, wishing her luck in the future. She also includes a $10 donation.

A good friend of Miss Norris had given her and her family a great gift of 500 dollars in condolences of there mother passing on December 30th due to a illness that was brought upon her in the fall.

Letter to Martha Berry thanking her for sending a box of cotton.

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