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Martha Berry thanks Mr. Hills for the invitation to come and visit him but she tells him she might not be able to make it due to her summer plans being undetermined.

The Berry Schools wrote a thank you letter to Mrs. Hall for the donation. They also mentioned how the support helps the Berry Schools continue and how appreciative they are. The summer school was mentioned and that it was going well. On the lower half, there is also a letter asking for helping and explaining the Berry Schools and why they are in operation.

Berry writes to Wingo that she will need the names of the girls that will be here in the summer.


Martha Berry writes Mrs. Wyman about sending her four of the next issue of the Highlander. She tells Mrs. Wyman she is welcome to come but would prefer she visit during the school year because some of the departments are closed during the summer.

A donation letter to Martha Berry from Mary Skeel in Bedford Hills, NY. Mary Skeel is making an additional donation after receiving a jar of jelly from the Berry Schools and having recently sold property in New York. She also hopes Berry isn't suffering from the unfortunate summer.

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