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The Heekin Company writes to Martha Berry to acknowledgment their receipt of her order of 12 cans of Fountain Square Coffee. The letter is signed by Roy W. Faul, manager of coffee and tea sales for the Heekin Company.

The Berry Schools enclose a receipt for a purchase made by Miss Green.

Helen Green receives her receipt for a purchase she made.

Martha Berry thanks Mrs. Forgan for her $5 donation.

This a receipt of Miss Blake's donation to the Berry Schools.

Receipt for a donation from Mrs. Auchincloss to the Berry Schools.

The Berry Schools write to Mr. Alexander with a receipt for the gift that he sent to the school.


Letter from Martha Berry to Mrs. John E. Zimmermann enclosing her receipt, which was mistakenly sent to Miss Sarah Wierman.

The Berry Schools enclose a receipt that was forgotten in the letter they sent the day before.



Mr. Taylor informs Miss Berry that money was given to him in error.

Receipt fot Mrs Gerritt Y. Lansing, Albany, GA for $150


E. H. Hoge thanks Mr. Thompson in response to his check for $9,929.18 for the Girls Recitation Hall and New Water Supply.

Martha writes to Mrs. Cantine with the receipt for her gift toward endowment day at Berry.

Martha Berry sends a receipt for Miss Adams' gift that will help Oma Pitts and discusses the status of her education along with her art education.

This appears to be a receipt of a donation from Mrs. G.M. Whitin. The donation is for the amount of 150 dollars.

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