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Achelis sends thanks for the Easter violets, "bonnie Easter rabbit," and photograph of Martha Berry "just as you are, siting so naturally at your desk." Achelis has written to Miss Moore and expects to see Prof. and Mrs. Myers and Mrs. Hammond soon. (letter incomplete)

Berry thanks Selden for his contribution and asks that he send the names of prospective donors to fund for building a gymnasium.

This letter is from Martha Berry asking Mr. Belfield for a donation to the Berry Schools. A handwritten note from Mr. Belfield dated July 3, 1926 is on the side of the letter explaining that he has already donated and will do so again.

Proctor advises that the plaque for the dental clinic has been shipped from New York and hopes that the engraving, which includes a line from a poem written by his son two days before he died, meets with Berry's approval. He describes his planned visit to survey the dental condition of the students, which he believes can be done efficiently. Proctor recently spoke with Dr. Herman C. Bumpus, former president of Tufts College, who wishes to make a visit to Berry soon.

Copies of Adolph Ochs's solicitation letters for the endowment fund and a list of potential donors to whom the letter has been sent.

Berry thanks Ochs for sending endowment money, commenting that the more people that can be interested in the school, the better. She hopes that V. Everitt and Valentine Macy will contribute to the endowment.

Berry encloses a clipping about B.N. Duke's gift to Wofford College, suggesting that he might give more generously to Berry than he has in the past. She also suggests contacting Henry McHarg.

Ochs encloses contributions to the Martha Berry Schools Silver Anniversary Endowment Fund, asking that Berry send acknowledgements to the donors. He also encloses his own check, in partial payment of his $25,000 subscription. Ochs reports on other commitments and solicitations, commenting that it is a source of embarrassment to him that some donors are giving as a personal favor to him. There is also some embarrassment caused by Berry's decision not to solicit those who have previously been benefactors.

Ochs reports on a meeting with Charles Dillon, who is interested in making a substantial contribution to the endowment, and suggests that he facilitate a meeting between Berry and Dillon.

Berry proposes a personal visit to George Eastman in an effort to convince him to donate more than the $10,000 he has promised. She suggests other potential donors, including Mrs. Leonard Elmhirst (Dorothy Payne Whitney), and asks Ochs to help arrange for Raymond Fosdick (of the Rockefeller Foundation) to visit the school.

Morris encloses a donation in response to the dormitory fire solicitation and asks that John I. Mills be added to the mailing list.

Mr. Carlson sends Miss Bonner a list of donors. He is unsure if they should be solicited "because practically all of them are Hebrews" but advises that they can be generous if interested in the cause..

Letter accompanying literature about the Berry Schools, sent to the Girls Service League of America.

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